JimmyTheSaint Clothing – New Club Wear and Street Wear Brand for Men and Women

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know about the company I recently started. My name is James Presley and I am the CEO and Founder of JimmyTheSaint Clothing. JimmyTheSaint Clothing is a musically inspired lifestyle brand which reflects our life’s journey through music, our experiences in the New York City nightlife scene, and everything in between. We can be described as one part street wear and one part club wear, specializing in neon graphic t-shirt designs that glow under Black Lights found in nightclubs. No matter what city you go out in, what genre of music you like or what scene you are into, JimmyTheSaint Clothing has something for you. Below is one of our more popular designs called ‘Face of Music’ on our Men’s Black V-Neck T-Shirt. You can find this and other hot club clothing on our website:



JimmyTheSaint Clothing's 'Face of Music' design on our Men's Black V-Neck T-Shirt




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